• These are bangers!

    judacris 2004.12.19
  • big ass titties

    Someone may have posted this, but

    check it out
    troc pat 2004.12.18
  • Dr. Bob

    When is the big CRUCIAL trip to Dr.Bob's?!
    supermodel 2004.12.18

    I was just told there are free drinks from 10 till 11 at transit.
    haveboard 2004.12.17
  • tonite

    most likely we are just gonna be chillin at the house... i talked to some people who are all coming down at different times... if it gets boring we might move on to something else... you the sunday after christmas im def down for some snowboarding if anyone is in.,
    erich 2004.12.17
  • YO!

    I'm a gradute.
    little jon 2004.12.17
  • tonight.....get crunked

    yo i thinkthere are a few parties i heard about, gonzo....do you know of any. amy said you might have. i dunno. i think phill d is making an outing which is always a good time. gold club is a realllllllll good possibility. whatever with anything i just wana get my drink on. isaac you need to get a new phone. erich tell ashly i said congrates if i dont make it over there. do you guys have anything else planned for the night? oh and this just in........ blue opened today so this weekend probably sunday i wanna go ride. is anyone down with this shit. so far its me. so i have room. hit me hit let me know. everyone have a good time tonight. peace.
    richie 2004.12.17
  • yo its friday...

    and if anyone is interested in stopping by the crib for a beer or two let me know... ashley graduated today and we're having some people over... call me if you're down 215 519 0736
    erich 2004.12.17