• this isnt sabbath

    this isnt sabbath
    you cant really tell by this picture...but jim put about 12 straws together to suck up this girls jager shot 3 stools down...and it worked...genius.
    ralph 2007.02.13
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    • pete SAYS:

      that is friggin genius

    • The real plan SAYS:

      I was going to drink Haveboard's beer.

    • A truck fender SAYS:

      Jimmy can suck the chrome off of me

    • haveboard SAYS:

      I'm too slick for that shit!

    • angelageorgeann SAYS:

      awwwwwwwww shaky is a studddddddd...........ly stud.

    • Crazy pizza dude SAYS:

      Star Wars is for pussies...Frank Kelly, please kiss me!

    • collision care @ denardos SAYS:

      stop kissing dudes and get back to work

    • kissing dudes SAYS:

      I am Frank Kellys Work

    • getting fired SAYS:

      this is frank felly's job

    • too legit SAYS:

      genious is spelled with an O. . . . .. . . fools

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