• Robots are the Future

    If you want to know the future all you have to do is look at current science and then see sci fi movies like Matrix, I Robot, Blade Runner...all the synthetic AI is gonna be a reality. Maybe not in our life time.

    However, think about this...we give "brains" to robots. Eventually, they gain some awareness or artificial intelligence that lets them do more and more or as that robot EVA said.."get smarter and smarter." Then once they are doing ALL our menial jobs and we all have robot slaves who can do our bidding whether errands or chores, or sexual favors...we can get MASSIVELY lazy and stagnant as a society. Everything is going to be automated somehow soon anyway. They already have houses that are entirely remote controlled down to the lights and climate. Isaac, it isnt just the future of blowjobs as you said..its the FUTURE.
    gabe 2005.04.10
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