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    meek mill
    me, phil, and max went to the Meek Mill show last night at the TLA, it was wild in there...Freeway came on stage and did a song at the end, there was giant butts dropping it all over the place, and the beer flowed like beer. we had All Access passes and sat in the VIP section in the very front of the side balcony, then made our way backstage, it was the most people I've seen on stage during a show...after the show let out they already had south st blocked off and the police horses out, even got to see a guy step right into a pile of fresh horse shit in his brand new shoes. reminded me of old south st. like 1998 days when they'd shut down the streets every weekend.
    ralph 2012.08.26
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    • Lanni SAYS:

      ahhh...the good old days

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