• drifting...not an exact science

    LaNNi 2012.07.16
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    • Balaram SAYS:

      So three guys came up behind this other guy and dieshd out some head trauma gotta tip my hat to them. Who knows and who cares what happened before this but it looks like they accomplished their goal of beating an innocent man into the pavement. Is it sick and deranged? Oh ya. They looked like a circus sideshow while trying to use some form of kicking with which I'm not familiar with. At the end however, it was enough to take the guy down temporarily but the guy DID walk away in one piece. I guess people around that area (like the guy and girl that walked by) don't call for help and criminals like to beat people in front of security cameras. In other words, people don't give a damn about helping about as much as the criminals don't give a damn about injuring. Isn't that the world of violence in a nutshell? BTW, I don't agree with anonymous. Being "outmatched" is being in a state of mind of what's being done to me. Perhaps like the guy in the train station?

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