• Ralph got new ink?

    Ralph got new ink?
    Kenzo 2011.11.17
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    • ralph SAYS:

      that dude must bang so many Juggalettes at The Gathering because of that shitty tattoo!

    • zach SAYS:

      In all seriousness that is one of the worst tattoos Ive ever seen. I mean the dude who got it is a "juggalo" so obviously he is retarded but I guess any jerk off can give tattoos. Seriously hasnt some one told this guy that he sucks real bad at art. And yes Ralf I am sure he takes down tons of War Pigs and pregnant girls smoking.


      Ha! He said War Pigs!

    • salty nuts SAYS:

      this tattoo rules, i mean come on, there's faygo , balloon letters , creepy ticket booth, and they even got the trash can in there too. Letting other juggalos know that he means biz about cleaning up the gathering after a wild night of woot wooting. Commitment.

    • Lanni SAYS:

      i just hope he got it for free

    • Scentless Apprentice SAYS:

      You missed the hopscotch on his left arm. Also, I figure he had those blank grave stones put on his back so in the future he could add names to them?

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