• phillies/ramones shirts- we still got em!

    phillies/ramones shirts- we still got em!
    we're still selling these Phillies/Ramones shirts..get some

    we just put up these Phillies/Ramones shirts for sale in our online store, our friends Joe and Ken from Turnstile Clothing made these and asked if we would put em up on crucial...they turned out great! real big print on black tees! click on the link to the online store to pick one up. $24 (includes shipping)
    ralph 2011.03.04
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    • beating a dead horse SAYS:

      worst. shirt. ever.

    • 9 people that ordered today SAYS:

      we disagree

    • Fuckin Bill SAYS:

      Phucking Phantastic!

    • SWood SAYS:

      Brilliant. Hey Ho, Let's Go!


      is making the money...... chaaa---chinggggggg


      You know what borough the boys were from don't you?? FUCKING QUEENS. Joey would be bopping in his grave if he knew about this.

    • Jimmy Awesome SAYS:

      Yankees fans forever. Where's The Hooters shirt? That would make sense. This makes none. Congratulations on making moneys on dummies. They deserve it.

    • SouthPhillyJoe SAYS:

      not all great things make sense and this is great, you're welcome. Hooters shirts coming soon along with Hall&oats,party.


      The asshole who designed this shirt lives in New York.

    • Terd Ferguson SAYS:

      The assholes that designed it were born and raised in Philly and one currently lives in NY, and this one still lives here but let me check my mail to make sure...

    • Terd Ferguson SAYS:

      ....yeah still here, good try Irony.


      Cease & Desist coming your way.

    • jbensonfong SAYS:

      holy argument over a t-shirt! where are the Charlie Sheen "WINNING" t-shirts? double sided. Phils P on the front and WINNING on the back. So's it looks like a jersey. PAY ME! hahahahahahaaaa!!! you know it'd be a sweet seller.

    • 68 SAYS:

      you should add me as the players number under "WINNING" so's everyone knows who made's it.

    • el neutron SAYS:

      you shold also subliminally hide my image in the 6 of 68...jus sayin

    • awesome SAYS:

      more comments!!!! bump bump

    • T-shirts SAYS:


    • Jimmy Awesome SAYS:

      more like Cryrony. heh heh heh



    • Justin Weleski SAYS:

      Are these still available and are made with Gildan tee's? If so, I'll buy 1 & a 1/2 now - please email me at - justinw215@gmail.com

    • JCA SAYS:

      Who manufactures the shirt itself?

    • Jackie Phy SAYS:

      Hey I ordered one (1) XL Phillies/Ramones t-shirt and paid on 4.20.11 and it still has not arrived...can I get some tracking/shipping info or an ETA on this? It's supposed to be a gift for my Husband and our anniversary is on Monday 5/9..... Thanks! Jackie

    • harvey69 SAYS:

      why don't come up with a band from philly for this t-shit - the Ramones are form NYC - morons

    • ken67 SAYS:

      ....we'll stop wearing it when they stop showing a Rocky montage and playing the Rocky theme at Yankee Stadium

    • Deekshi SAYS:

      Dude. This rocks. You look so great. This may sound weird, but I keep seeing you at the ofifce and thinking wow, Jeremy is better looking than I remember him being .

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