• pentabike patches

    pentabike patches
    I'm thinking about having some of these made as a 3" round patch for our colors for maypril fools. Anyone into it? I'll be placing the order soon enough to have them for the race if 10 people (including Heidi and me) are interested. But tell me quick or it won't happen in time.
    tony spectacular 2010.05.08
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    • Loudon SAYS:

      I'm in

    • Loudon SAYS:

      i'm in

    • Ralph SAYS:

      I'm in

    • Jimmy Awesome SAYS:

      sure. count me in

    • phil d SAYS:

      dig it im in

    • snax SAYS:

      yes please

    • spectacular SAYS:

      Ok sound like we have enough people. Gonna talk to triple play about a rush order tomorrow. Bright red on black is my thinking. Sound good?

    • richie SAYS:

      im in buddy.

    • ralph SAYS:

      red on black is awesome

    • Zach SAYS:

      Count me for one

    • mexicutioner SAYS:

      i love it and i dont even live in philly

    • svensky SAYS:

      i'm getting this mofo tattooed

    • pentabike SAYS:

      the patches are already available via PENTABIKE. 4 bux shipped to your door (in the U.S.) pentabike@gmail.com

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