• paintball anyone?

    paintball anyone?
    thinking first or second weekend in december...anyone???? let me know who's interested so we can get a headcount and definite date....its gonna be a battle of the blogs, crucial vs. regal beagles vs. bad luxury...i dont think the beagles know it yet, haha, they will now.
    ralph 2009.11.10
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    • ZACH SAYS:

      Im in! Fuck those nerds!

    • dailey SAYS:

      A bunch of us are going on the 23rd of this month. Shawn from drinkers is running it. Hit me up anyone wants to go. We are collecting 30 dollar deposit this coming saturday.

    • drunk SAYS:

      They always say aim for the dummy not my face. How gives a fuck about aim as l.long as you shoot....

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