• Triple Krown of Kensigton

    Triple Krown of Kensigton
    I am throwing a cross race/alley cat on three Wednesdays in October. On the 7th, 14th, and 21st, we will have an urban cyclocross race at Cione Park (between Lehigh and Huntington on Aramingo). There will be people racing fast, probably falling on some broken glass, and having a good time. You can do it on any bike, but like 80% is on grass, so you better put some knobs on those track bikes.
    Reg: 7:30 In front of the pool (Huntington and Aramingo)
    Cost: $5
    Prize: 50% of each genders gate goes to the male or female winner (if not enough ladies show up, we will sweeten the deal, don't worry). the other 50% goes to the Lance Armstrong Foundation for cancer research. On the 21st, 70% of the gate will go to each gender. There may even be a trophy. Eff cancer, ride your bike! Lets make this awesome.
    surlyrider 2009.10.01
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