• danzig brick

    danzig brick
    our friends Danzig Brick, named after the pile of bricks in front of Danzig's house (yes, thats Danzig's house in the pic), are starting to play again, theyre a Misfits cover band, and an awesome one at that....be on the lookout Philadelphia for Danzig Brick shows, they only play a few times a year, around Halloween time.
    ralph 2009.08.24
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    • Cashe Coma SAYS:

      First Danzig Brick show is on September 18th at the Tritone. And, we're not a cover band. We're a band that plays Misfits songs.

    • El Toro de Oro SAYS:

      We're a band that covers dudes/chick pretending to play music...haha

    • ralph SAYS:

      i'm gonna need to put some aloe on after that last burn, haha

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