kenna 2009.06.29
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    • ...yunk SAYS:

      Where's Beatrice?

    • Harpoon SAYS:

    • Harpoon SAYS:

      wheres Dom and Bea

    • c.l. SAYS:

      farrah,ed,billy,and david all died within around a month.....but didnt prince valiant die like hundreds of years ago???

    • Hiromi SAYS:

      I really enjeyod your post about homeschooling. As a person who worked in education(as a paraprofessional) for 15 years I can understand your choice. I only wish I'd known that I had a choice when my daughter was young(31 yrs ago). She always hated going to school. Now she has a daughter of her own, and is considering homeschooling for her. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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